CEBU !!!!!!!! known as the "Milan of Asia"
Cebu has become known as the "furniture capital of the Philippines", it is because of its large number of manufacturers and exporters who have sprouted in the past couple of years.. Artists, artisans, designers and remarkably skilled individuals have dedicated their lives and have driven the fast growing furniture industry.
The god fathers of Cebu's furniture designers started with indigenous materials and have used our home-grown material named rattan as the major component of furniture in the decade of the 70 .Cebu had popularized the use of inlaid fossil stone in the late 80's and have hit the American and European market up until these days.
With a very stiff competition in the furniture market, the use of single material declined in the early 90's so these talented crafters and designers enraged the mixture of different materials. And there started the combination of wood, bamboo, stone, wrought iron, rattan, leather, seagrass, cast resin, cast stone and a lot more array of medium that are of sufficient supply. We believe that traditional / classic furniture are still popular in the market so we abide by doing the traditional shapes of furniture and dressed it up with different materials. In short say we Cebuano designers live under the shadow of this phrase
"familiar silhouette in mixed media"


ABOUT US  is a team of furniture designers based in Cebu Philippines . We offer an array of furniture related services such as furniture designing, product development, color rendering, fullscale drawings  and product sourcing. These services are intended for both individuals and companies who find our services useful for their importation business particularly in Cebu Philippines.